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(it's so pathetic that I have to do this; I HATE people that can't take responsibility for their own actions!)
This is ONLY documentation for my own project car. Should anyone decide to copy, emulate, or in any other way reproduce my ideas and/or methods, I bear NO RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. This is not a snap-tite model. There are no (quality) pre-fab kits out there that make it an easy 1-2-3 to do this conversion. This is custom work, and as such, is every bit as much art as it is science. Please ALWAYS think through what you're going to do before taking action, and PLEASE, Safety First!

Day 9 - Final alignments (fenders), starting to prep for paint, Final weights

So today I finished up the alignment of the fenders as best I could, and I plan to drive around as-is for a few weeks, as parts tend to "settle" after they've been on for several miles. Pix below are after the "break-in". Note there are now proper spacers up front to compensate for the wider fenders, and the rear still needs a roll/pull for the FN01R-Cs, also the sidemarkers are on! YAY! :)

Also, here are the final tallies for the New vs. Old part weights:

Old   New
S13 Headlights w/covers (2) 16.8 lbs S15 Headlights (2) 12 lbs
S13 OEM Bumper w/foam 20.6 lbs S15 OEM Bumper (urethane only) 9.6 lbs
S13 OEM Fenders w/front trim & sidemarkers (2) 28.4 lbs Inner Circle S13-S15 Fenders (2) 8 lbs
S13 OEM Radiator Support Brackets (2) 2.6 lbs JDM PS13 Headlight Brackets (2) .5 lb
S13 OEM Hood 40 lbs VIS S15 oem-style Carbon Fiber Hood 24 lbs
S13 OEM Hood Hinges (2) 2 lbs S15 Hood Hinges (2) 2.8 lbs
Random Hardware 2.2 lbs Random Hardware .1 lb
Total Weight 112.6 lbs Total Weight 57 lbs
Total Weight Reduction: 55.6 lbs!


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