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Statistics & Specifications?

Here's a random assortment of numbers and facts, both for this conversion specifically, as well as general S-chassis lore. For the hardcore, this should be review of things you already know. If that describe you, give yourself a pat on the head and a gold star; you're not ignorant :) LOL! i'm just playin noobs :D


Stock 1991 240sx LE - 2750lbs

Stock (to be replaced)   New
S13 Headlights w/covers (2) 16.8 lbs S15 Headlights (2) 12 lbs
S13 OEM Bumper w/foam 20.6 lbs S15 OEM Bumper (urethane only) 9.6 lbs
S13 OEM Fenders w/front trim & sidemarkers (2) 28.4 lbs Inner Circle S13-S15 Fenders (2) 8 lbs
S13 OEM Radiator Support Brackets (2) 2.6 lbs JDM PS13 Headlight Brackets (2) .5 lb
S13 OEM Hood 40 lbs VIS S15 oem-style Carbon Fiber Hood 24 lbs
S13 OEM Hood Hinges (2) 2 lbs S15 Hood Hinges (2) 2.8 lbs
Random Hardware 2.2 lbs Random Hardware .1 lb
Total Weight 112.6 lbs Total Weight 57 lbs
Total Weight Reduction: 55.6 lbs!


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